Thursday, November 9, 2017

Shooting Lightning With a Smartphone! Plus I compare the Galaxy Note 8 to my Canon 1D X mk II

I am really enjoying the advancements of the smartphones and their camera capabilities lately, especially since getting my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  While it's not going to replace my DSLRs any time soon, it is impressive what this thing is capable of, especially now that you can shoot in RAW and have full manual controls over the camera.  My favorite being the ability to do long exposures.  So decided to test it out, and to compare it to my best dslr, just for fun.  To do that I happened upon a conveniently located thunderstorm near my house and went out to try to capture some lightning.  Here's the video, and the results, which I will say was not quite what I expected, and in some ways, exactly as I expected.

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